Totally fucked this cougar: Piha beach

This testimonial is provided by Steve, 24, originally from England.

What brought you to

I relocated to Auckland a few months following a brilliant holiday in 2015 that had provided new adventures in Christchurch and the bedroom. I’d had the best night of my life with an utter milf during my vacation. Unfortunately, the first three months of living in Auckland had failed to deliver the chance to fuck cougars – or anyone else for that matter.“Totally fucked this cougar: Piha beach”Continue reading

Nervous first time casual dating

I’ve never been the most confident person when it comes to approaching women in bars or chatting people up in clubs. The idea of casual sex had always appealed to me, but I wasn’t sure how to go about finding somebody who would be on the same page. I didn’t want to offend anyone by being too forward or face rejection. That’s why worked so well for me.

How I got here

I was on holiday in New Zealand when I came across I didn’t know anyone except for the couple of friends I was travelling with, and I couldn’t face putting in the groundwork and trying to butter up girls at bars or clubs. I knew all too well that my chat wasn’t great, and I wanted company and casual sex with none of the hassle. I’d never done anything like this before when I opened the website, but I knew that this kind of hookup was going to work for me.“Nervous first time casual dating”Continue reading

Young man, 17: hookups

The idea of a casual hookup abroad was exciting to me. As a young man on an adventure overseas in New Zealand, the prospect of meeting up with a stranger and having some no-strings fun seemed like an ideal way to celebrate my new-found freedom. That’s when I found

How I arrived at

I travelled to New Zealand as part of a mini global tour. I was fresh out of school, and I wanted to see the world before starting college. I took the opportunity to travel for a few months, and when I got to New Zealand, I fancied a bit of company and some casual fun. I didn’t want to hang around bars waiting for somebody to catch my eye or waste time engaging in small talk. That’s when I discovered the thrills and spills of casual hookups via“Young man, 17: hookups”Continue reading

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