Totally fucked this cougar: Piha beach

This testimonial is provided by Steve, 24, originally from England.

What brought you to

I relocated to Auckland a few months following a brilliant holiday in 2015 that had provided new adventures in Christchurch and the bedroom. I’d had the best night of my life with an utter milf during my vacation. Unfortunately, the first three months of living in Auckland had failed to deliver the chance to fuck cougars – or anyone else for that matter.

After a couple of wasted dates with girls nearer my age (whom I’d swiped right for on the well-known dating App), I came across by complete fluke.

Best decision ever!

What were you looking for, partner(s) wise?

I’d always wanted to fuck cougars after Christchurch, but had struggled in both England and Auckland.

Would I have accepted hot casual sex with a 21-year-old stunner? Of course. But the cougar fetish was my aim; certainly delivered.

Tell us about your BEST casual encounter?

Within 48 hours of signing up to the site, I’d connected with Kirsty in Piha. A selection of others from Auckland had messaged too, but the profile pic of this big titted Jenny McCarthy lookalike made the trip to Piha seem worthwhile. With the thought of my Christchurch babe in my mind, I’d never felt so horny.

Even with our very flirty messages for the days leading up to meeting in person, I was a still a little wary. I’d prepared myself for the inevitable disappointment of being greeted by a woman that looked nothing like her profile, but I was wrong. I was also wrong in my predictions of having to wine and dine my new date. Kirsty opened the door in a white robe and ushered me in. Within seconds, the robe was on the floor and I had this 43-year-old stunner in nothing but red lingerie up against the wall.

This was exciting, but the new experiences truly started in the bedroom as the handcuffs, whips, and anal beads all made an appearance. This couldn’t have been further away from the monotonous missionary I’d endured with my one serious partner back in England.

Forget the age, Kirsty’s energy and sex drive was incredible. Once the sun had set, she took me to Piha beach for round number three…four…and five. Back at hers, there was, unfortunately, no round six – although I did get oral.

Cougar? Tick. Sex on the beach? Tick. And she even made breakfast before sending me on my way.

What happened after?

After a morning together, I returned to Auckland. The fact Kirsty never returned my messages would suggest that the insatiable cougar has done this with many men before, and will do it with many more in the future.

If Kirsty ever messages again, I’d be DTF. Let’s face it, though, those memories of the hallway, bedroom, and beach are likely to be the only ones I make with Kirsty. But do I really care? Not at all.

Aside from those thoughts that can turn me on in an instant, I’ve now got time to work through the rest of those girls I’ve met through If they provide even half the excitement, I cannot wait for the ride!

Anything else to share?

Fortunately, Kirsty was a good girl regarding protection, even if she was naughty in every other possible way. Still, after the way things ended, it did make me realise that I need to take responsibility in future.

I should probably take this opportunity to confirm that I am no modern Casanova. I boast average looks and had previously had just five one night stands, with three of those being on various holidays, including the infamous trip to Christchurch. After the experience of Kirsty, though, I have far more confidence both through the App and with real-world dating. The last few weeks have definitely changed my life for the better in that sense.

Long may it continue!

Any advice?

Guys, if you are going to sign up to, you’ll get more messages than you ever did on traditional dating sites and Apps. Make sure you know what you want from those experiences. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the whole experience.

I’m sure there are plenty of couples that met using this facility. From my admittedly limited experience, though, I’d suggest that it is better for those either simply wanting to get laid, fuck cougars, or looking for casual sex that may or may not lead somewhere.

If you’re looking for a slow building dating experience without physical excitement, this probably isn’t for you. Or maybe I just got lucky with Kirsty.

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