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The idea of a casual hookup abroad was exciting to me. As a young man on an adventure overseas in New Zealand, the prospect of meeting up with a stranger and having some no-strings fun seemed like an ideal way to celebrate my new-found freedom. That’s when I found

How I arrived at

I travelled to New Zealand as part of a mini global tour. I was fresh out of school, and I wanted to see the world before starting college. I took the opportunity to travel for a few months, and when I got to New Zealand, I fancied a bit of company and some casual fun. I didn’t want to hang around bars waiting for somebody to catch my eye or waste time engaging in small talk. That’s when I discovered the thrills and spills of casual hookups via

What was I looking for?

I’d always wanted to get with a woman who was older, more mature and more adventurous and experienced than me. I wanted her to show me some tricks I’d never seen before and to learn, assuming the role of an inquisitive student keen to hone their skills and expand their sexual repertoire.

My best sexual encounter

The best of my hookups took place on a hot day in the summer. I’d been at the beach during the day, and I fancied some company later that evening. My companion for the night was an older lady, aged around 35. She had long dark hair, olive skin, and green eyes. She was slim but curvy, tall, and athletic. When I saw her, my heart started to race. She was crazily hot, and she looked like she would definitely be able to teach me a thing or two between the sheets. I was excited by the thought of spending time with her. We met up at a park, had a couple of drinks and then headed back to the apartment I was renting. I was dizzy with lust and alcohol, and when she started to kiss my neck, all I wanted to do was get her naked. I couldn’t unlock the door fast enough, and it was seconds before we crashed onto the bed and started undressing each other frantically. She took control, pinning me down and ripping my clothes off, before removing her own underwear. We messed around in the bedroom before moving to the kitchen, screwing on the dining room table and then up against the wall in the living room. We changed positions several times, and she knew exactly what she wanted from me. She directed me and she moved her body like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I felt invincible, as she came twice. Eventually, after a heady hour or so of unbridled joy, we sank onto the sofa, covered in sweat, and I poured her a drink. I offered her a shower, but she declined, put her clothes back on and slipped off into the night.

What happened after?

After that night, we saw each other a few more times before I left to go back home. I looked forward to seeing her, and we were both comfortable with the fact that the aim of the game was purely to satisfy each other sexually. We barely engaged in conversation, devoting all the time we had together to hooking up and trying new things. She was happy to swing by, do whatever I wanted and then leave, and I found her confidence a massive turn-on. We never talked much after sex, there were no affectionate cuddles and absolutely no risk of catching any feelings. This was the kind of holiday romance every young man dreams of. All the excitement with none of the hassle or emotional baggage. I never felt awkward, and I’d like to think if I’d have stayed longer, we’d have continued our regular hookups without any issues.

Anything else to share?

I never told anyone about the mysterious nocturnal hookups I enjoyed on my travels. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed, I just didn’t feel like I wanted to share the intimate details. I’d definitely give her a call if I’m ever on the road again. This hookup was all about experimenting, and the only bad thing about it was its longevity. I felt like the learning curve was cut short, but I’m pretty confident the lessons I learned from the sexiest teacher I’ve ever seen will serve me well.

Any advice?

Using is really easy, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Narrow down the options to find someone you really fancy, and make sure you’re mentally prepared for a relationship based purely on casual sex, rather than feelings and emotions.

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